Beginner's Guide for The Perfect Vignette

Beginner's Guide For The Perfect Vignette

Vignettes have many dictionary meanings. But, in interior decoration, it means a display of several objects grouped together.

Decorate Your Home with Stunning Jewel Tones

Decorate Your Home With Stunning Jewel Tones

What are jewel tones? As the name suggests, colour tones inspired by precious gemstones are known as jewel tones.

10 Hot Design Trends for 2017

10 Hot Design Trends For 2017

The modern home is evolving every day and so is the home décor. From wall paints to furniture, and from upholstery to kitchen cabinets, everything will see a new twist in 2017.

How About a Pink Christmas?

How About A Pink Christmas?

Are you tired of dressing your home the same way and in same colour scheme ever year? Christmas décor for you has gotten boring? This year try and do something new. And when we say new, we mean a new style or a new colour.

Beautiful Ways to Use Stained Glass

Beautiful Ways To Use Stained Glass

Stained glass is coloured glass with decorative or pictorial designs. The most commonly noticeable is inside a church where they usually decorate the windows with stained glass.

10 Interesting Christmas Tree Decorations

10 Interesting Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas is just around the corner, and you must be gearing up to create a dazzling Christmas tree this year also. If you are out of ideas or want to do something different and trendy, just read on below to learn the several ways that might just end up on top of your Christmas tree decor.

Spongy Fun! Ideas for Sponge Painting Walls

Spongy Fun! Ideas For Sponge Painting Walls

Sponge painting is a versatile and fun technique for adding easy texture and pop of colour to your walls. It is nothing exaggerated and will not require a lot of flair or practice to achieve the right effect.

Trendy Ways to Decorate with Book Shelves

Trendy Ways To Decorate With Book Shelves

If you love books and want to create an impressive display, then you must know these smart tricks to decorate your space with bookshelves.

Ho Ho Ho! Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas to Welcome Santa

Ho Ho Ho! Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas To Welcome Santa

It’s the Thanksgiving Day that officially signals the start of the much awaited holiday season. People start preparing for the coming festivities, putting up gorgeous lights, buying gifts for their loved ones and looking for the perfect Christmas tree.

Victorian Style Décor for Your Home

Victorian Style Décor For Your Home

Victorian style interior décor is a classic style for any home. It is named after queen Victoria I, and dates to late 1800’s.

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