Creative Ways To Repurpose Kidís Furniture

Pramila Sarkar

November 01, 2016

As a new parent, you always stack your childís room with all the necessary furniture and everything your child might need to develop creativity, learning, etc. Well, now they are growing old and so is the furniture. So, what do you plan to do with the furniture? Any ideas? Throwing away? Donating? Wait, if you donít want to let go off your babyís furniture, here are some super creative ideas to repurpose those into something more useful.

1. Dressing Tables

You can re-use those sturdy and colourful dressing tables as beautiful kitchen islands, potting tables for your garden, etc.

Image source: Shelstring

2. Chalkboard

Cribs are one of the most essential furniture items in a babyís room. But, with passing time, the same crib becomes the most unnecessary item laying around the house. Now, you can turn the crib into a beautiful chalkboard by following DIY projects found online.

Image source: The-red-kitchen

3. Play Tables

Cribs can be re-used to create pretty play tables for your toddlers. You can incorporate two tiny chairs for them to sit in, play, learn and do some fun activities with their friends.

4. Mini Bed Swing

The unused crib can become your balcony swing. The cushioned seat, sturdy sides and back will offer full support. So, if you just bring down one side and crop on the table legs, the crib will beautifully transform into a mini-bed swing.

5. Crib Bench

You can create a multi-purpose bench using the back or headboard. Itís easy and offers an elegant look. Look up some amazing DIY projects online.

Image source: Adiamondinthestuff

6. Front Porch Daybed

Itís another excellent way to turn the crib into a fanciful front porch daybed. With the arrival of fall and winters, this cosy seating will make an awesome resting area.

Image source: 2littlehooligans

7. Serving Cart

The changing table thatís lying around without any meaningful use can be turned into a beautiful and smart serving cart for parties. You can use it to serve beverages and snacks.

8. Magazine Rack

Now that seems tricky, but in reality, it is the easiest. Just pull out the rack styled part from the crib and transform it into a magazine rack. It is so functional and simple that it can be placed in any corner and make a great wall piece.

Image source: Bluecricketdesign

With these awesome ideas and a little bit of creativity, you can put your unused furniture into some great use.

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