Trash Into Treasure, Give Your Backyard A Major Face Lift

Pramila Sarkar

October 24, 2016

Ever wondered why some gardens are full of character and have that amazing beauty? Just looking at those gardens, you will experience a feeling of harmony with its theme and flow of creativity in every corner. Talking about creativity, even you can add a little touch of personalization by turning your household trash into smart & useful garden planters. All you need is trash (waste items), a little imagination and some help.

We bring to you some fabulous tips to repurpose your everyday junk into trendy, quirky planters.

1. Light Bulbs

It can be recycled in many forms and for various purposes. Every house uses light bulbs and getting your own planter absolutely free is an amazing feeling. Firstly, hollow the light bulbs - the internet is full of DIY projects to help you with that. And, then you add them as hanging planters in your garden.

2. Plastic Bottles

This is also an amazing reusable product which can be used to plant herbs, spices or just any flower. It can also be used as improvised watering cans, cut and used as scoops for fertilisers, potting mix, etc.

3. Tin Cans

They are a great way of accentuating a garden. You can easily avail tins cans from any market. After using the product donít throw them out. Just reuse them to make your garden look pretty. Clean them, make few tiny holes under the tin can, and you are ready. Place them as per your choice. Hang them using strings or tape them together for a beautiful combo.

4. Vertical Racks, Chest of Drawers

If you have an old chest of drawers or shoe rack thatís laying in your garage or storage and simply taking up space without any use, then bring those out in your garden, and amaze your friends & family with beautiful vertical pallet garden. They are the trend!

5. Toolbox Planter

Got a vintage style toolbox or a one thatís been rusting over the years? Bring life to the old container, reuse it as planters. Simply drill holes underneath the box and if itís made of metal, make sure to line it with plastic so that the plants are protected from harmful materials.

Follow this tips for creating a mesmerizing garden where you can sit, relax, enjoy and host parties for your family & friends.

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